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Updated Wednesday, February 08, 2023

By implementing the suggestions in this article, you will not only position your website to generate more leads, you will enhance your business overall. If cost is an issue, start with the free items.

We recommend that you print this article, then cross off the items as they are completed. If you need help, just ask! 

Before you implement the steps below, review your website. Make sure it accurately reflects what you offer, your listings, your service areas, your experience, and your credentials and education. Don't have a website? Get one!

Next, go to your website and send yourself some test leads as if you were a referral, potential client, or a past (potential repeat) client. If you don't get your test leads by email or text, check your lead routing. Make sure your email and cell numbers are up to date. (Remember, you can ask us for help.)

  • Advertise your website on Google. $$$
  • Advertise in your local newspaper(s). Include your website URL and a call to action. $$$
  • Place a link to your website on your local chamber of commerce website. $$
  • Place your website URL on your business cards. Already have cards? Use a rubber stamp. $
  • Place your website URL on your printed property flyers. $
  • Create a Google Business Profile. FREE
  • List yourself on Bing Places. FREE
  • Mention your website address with a call to action on your voicemail. FREE
  • Hand out business cards at local business and social events. FREE
  • Share your property listings on Facebook and other social sites. FREE
  • Place your website URL on your profile page. FREE
  • Place a link to your website on your broker's website. FREE
  • Place a link to your website and a call to action in your email signature file. Every person who gets an email from you will learn about your website. FREE
  • Beware of spending unnecessary money on SEO. Learn more.

Bonus Round

If you like to write, search out local blogs on Google or Bing. Contact the blog owners, and offer to write real estate-related guest posts for free. Make your guest posts useful and informative. In exchange for writing the posts, make sure each post includes a link back to your website. FREE

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