IDX Pass-Through Fees

Updated Monday, May 06, 2024

Most MLS boards now charge a fee for IDX data access

IDX data powers the MLS listings on your website.

If your board charges a fee: AgentWebsite will collect the fee from you, and it will be passed through to MLS via our IDX vendor, with no markup. It will be labeled as "Pass-Through Fee" on your AgentWebsite sales reciept, which we email you on the 26th each month.

Data access fees vary by MLS. Find your MLS board.

Less commonly, some MLS boards also charge "direct fees" for IDX data access, which are payable by the member directly to the board. If direct fees are required by your board, we will notify you about this when you sign up for an AgentWebsite account.

Pass-through fees can change

If your board's fee structure changes, we will email you a support ticket in advance, to let you know about the upcoming change.

We don't like fees either

We strive to keep AgentWebsite affordable. We never mark up IDX data access fees.

Contact us or find your MLS board to find out if pass-through fees apply to your MLS board.


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