Learn when and how much Google will charge your card for Google Ads

Updated Monday, February 13, 2023

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When Google will charge your card

Once you have signed up for managed Google Ads with AgentWebsite and your ad campaign has been activated, Google will begin to automatically charge your credit card on file for payments.

Google will charge your card, in arrears:

  • on the first day of each month, for ad costs accrued to date
  • and, whenever your account reaches a predetermined amount known as your payment threshold

Your payment threshold is an arbitrary dollar amount set by Google. Common amounts are $250 and $500. To find out your current payment threshold, ask us.

If your monthly ad budget is more than your payment threshold, your card will be charged more than once per month.

For more information about payment thresholds and the timing of automatic payments, please see these pages:

How much Google will charge your card

Google uses 30.4 days as the number of days in a month for daily budget purposes. (365 days divided by 12 months)

Your ad campaign budget is set on a daily basis, however, due to fluctuations in traffic, Google may allow your campaign to spend more than your average daily budget in a single day, which is known as "overdelivery".

Despite daily spend fluctuations, your daily ad spend will never exceed two times your average daily budget on any given day, and Google's system makes sure that in a given billing period (30.4 days), you're never charged more than 30.4 multiplied by your average daily ad budget amount.

For example, if your ad budget is $10 per day, the maximum you will pay per month is $304.

Example ad spend: $10 daily ad budget x 30.4 days = $304.00 per month

See this answer to learn about key Google Ads metrics including cost per click (CPC) and conversion rate.

If you have questions or would like to change your ad budget, please let us know.


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