Target a specific keyword with Google Ads

Updated Monday, February 13, 2023

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Your Google Ads campaign uses keywords that are dynamically generated from the text found on specific landing pages on your website.

To target specific keywords, add them to the landing pages on your website. Make sure to use your keywords in human-readable sentences and text.

Don't simply fill your landing pages with lists of keywords. This will reduce the page quality and negatively impage the user experience, resulting in higher cost per click (CPC) and fewer ad views.

Bear in mind that it can take 2 to 14 days for Google crawlers to find and index landing page changes.

So give your changes time to take effect.

Please note that the text from your website that is used by Google may undergo minor modifications in order to comply with Google's editorial policies (such as capitalization changes or the removal of unsupported characters). Google cannot guarantee which headline will be used as they may make changes to align the headline with the search, page content, and their ad integrity policies.

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